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  • Loggi

    Cargo: Marketing
    Requisitos: - Excellent communication, interpersonal and negotiating skills;
    - Ability to plan and prioritize activities working autonomously;
    - Adaptability and the ability to meet strict deadlines;
    - Hands-on attitude;
    - Analytical ability to identify gaps and come up with reasonable solutions;
    - Fluency in English;
    - A good knowledge on Microsoft Excel and Powerpoint.
    Atividades: - Attending a job rotation for the first two weeks on the job. Hopping through Loggi's main business areas will help you identify gaps and come up with solutions that are viable and desirable for our company.
    - First contact with corporate and restaurant clients that have gotten to know us through our inbound marketing process. Understanding the client’s main needs and providing solutions according to Loggi's business model and main products.
    - Prospecting new leads and qualifying them. Comprehending the client's size and how they're going to use our services, negotiating and leading their onboarding process on the platform.
    - Attending monthly training sessions, that will be essential to your corporate and personal development. Your training sessions will include: Project Management; People Management and Leadership; Public Speaking and Corporate Presentations; Entrepreneurship and the Startup Ecosystem; Design Thinking; Creativity; Big Data and Competitive Intelligence.
    - Being available to work from 9am until 3pm and during 18 months.
    Observações: Remuneração a partir de R$ 1.700
    Publicado em 20 de junho de 2017.
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